WaterDay Spa® is a professional manufacturer of Spa that focuses only on high-end spas. This goal has allowed us to focus 100% of our engineering, design, production and quality efforts on the production of high quality spas. We are a spa manufacturer, but also an OEM & ODM service provider at the customer’s request. The values of our company are: the pleasure of our products, the innovation and the durability of our products.

WaterDay Spa® was created in 2004 and has a workshop of 13000 square meters. We strictly follow the international standard ISO9001 to establish the quality management system. All our outdoor spas are approved according to CE, SAA, KC, CB, Gost-R, ISO9001 and IEC standards.

Why choose a Water Day Spa ?

Our aprons come from recycled materials.
The frames are made of Scots pine wood treated in class 4 autoclave.
All electronic systems come from the famous brand Balboa.
We have the number of largest pumps in a spa: 4 to 5 pumps instead of 2 to 3 at our competitors (and we work exclusively with Whirlpool)

We only work with professionals, and do not answer questions from consumers directly, thank you for getting closer to your distributors.
All prices displayed on our site are recommended retail prices.